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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Kingoodie Perthshire Scotland

Kingoodie, Perthshire, Scotland. Tour Kingoodie, Perthshire, Scotland, on an Ancestry Tour of Scotland. Best Scottish Tours, Best Scottish Food, Best Scottish Hotels, Small Group Tours of Scotland. Rent a Cottage in Scotland. Kingoodie in 1846. Kingoodie, a village, in the parish of Longforgan, county of Perth, 1½ mile (E. by S.) from Longforgan; containing 263 inhabitants. This village, which is on the banks of the river Tay, is chiefly inhabited by persons employed in the extensive quarries of freestone situated here, and which have been in operation for five or six centuries. The stone of these quarries is of a blueish colour, and exceedingly compact and durable, though consequently difficult to work; it is susceptible of a very high polish. The tower of Dundee, which was built towards the close of the twelfth century, and at present exhibits no symptoms of decay, and Castle-Huntly, built in the fifteenth century, were both erected with stone from these quarries. Considerable quantities of it are raised for various buildings in the vicinity, and for exportation to Aberdeen, Perth, and Dundee, where it has been used in the construction of docks, piers, and other works. The rock in some parts is more than seventy feet in depth; and immensely large blocks are obtained entire, some of which are more than ten tons in weight. The lessees of the quarries have constructed a small harbour here for the boats employed, of which there are two of thirty and one of fifty tons' burthen, the former confined chiefly to the navigation of the river, and the latter occupied in the conveyance of the stone to more distant ports. At this small port, lime and coal are landed from Sunderland, for the supply of the neighbourhood; and grain and potatoes are shipped for the London market. Facility of intercourse is maintained with the other parts of the parish by good roads, kept in repair by statute labour; and from the high road by the coast to Aberdeen, a line branches off at Longforgan to the quarries of this place.

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