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Monday, 10 December 2007

Burrelton Perthshire Scotland

Burrelton, Perthshire, Scotland. Burrelton in 1846. Burrelton, a village, in the parish of Cargill, county of Perth; containing 485 inhabitants. Here are a chapel of ease, unendowed, supported by subscription, and a small school; also a place of worship for members of the Free Church.

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Anonymous said...

Exclusive - Climate Minister Is Driven 200 Yards By Chauffeured Limo To Avoid Walk In Rain...
RED-FACED Finance Minister John Swinney has been caught taking a chauffeur-driven limo on a 200-yard trip - to avoid a walk in the rain.

Ha! Climate campaigner??? For a man meant to be overseeing the economy, local government, the budget, energy, tourism, climate change, public transport and Scottish Water, the so-called 'Cabinet minister for Finance' (???!!!) proves yet again that previous doubt about his ability following poor performances in past elections (and his subsequent resignation in 2004) were well founded....what a shambles!!!! You're making Labour look good again Swinney - well done! You've probably even managed to let Wendy Alexander off the hook slightly after such a monumental PR c#ck-up...resign man - you're wasting our time (and our money!)

And no, I do not support either Labour or SNP...if push came to shove I'd probably vote Green (but only if they refused to co-operate with the blatantly wasteful you can see from the above story, last month it was revealed that the cost of running the Government's car fleet had soared by almost 70 per cent since the SNP's election victory in May, which puts them on course to run up a bill of around £1million in their first year of office!!!).