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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Patrick Adamson Perth Perthshire Scotland

Patrick Adamson (1537-92). Divine. He was a native of Perth, Perthshire, Scotland and was educated at the University of St Andrews, from which he graduated in 1558. Between then and 1566, when he travelled to Paris and Italy as a private tutor, he was minister of the parish of Ceres in Fife. His first verses, written in Latin, were strenuous, if conventional, attacks on excesses in the Catholic Church, and his Protestant leanings were strengthened during his stay in Europe. Among his sacred works were translations of the book of Job into Latin hexameters and a Latin translation of the Scottish Confession of Faith. By 1571 he was back in Scotland to take the charge of Paisley and over the next 20 years he was drawn increasingly into Scottish church politics. To the disgust of many of his more extreme colleagues he accepted the archbishopric of St Andrews in 1576 and later historians, such as David Calderwood, went out of their way to misrepresent him as a licentious buffoon. Andrew Melville, Principal of St Mary's College in St Andrews, became a feared opponent in debate as he constantly quizzed Adamson's adherence to Episcopalianism. Having relied for many years on the support of james VI, Adamson was dismayed to find that by 1590 the king had switched his allegiance to Melville; the final years of his life were spent in poverty and disgrace. He died on 19 February 1592. As most of the facts about Adamson's life come from biased accounts in Calderwood and from the diary of the reformer James Melville, it is difficult to form a firm judgement of his ability and influence. He made accomplished translations of biblical texts into Latin and enjoyed a substantial reputation as a Latinist in Europe.

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