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Friday, 4 July 2008

Colin Brown Ancestry Tour of Scotland

Colin Brown, a provost of Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, who became a legend in his own lifetime, had this epitaph written for him by his friend Ralph Erskine of Dunfermline, who was the author of Gospel Sonnets.

Friend, do not, careless on thy road,
O'erlook this humble shrine,
For if thou art a friend of God,
Here ly's a friend of thine.

His closet was a Bethel sweet,
His house a house of prayer.
In homely strain at Jesus' feet,
He daily wrestled there.

He to the City was a guide,
And to the Church a fence;
Nor could within the camp abide
When truth was banish'd thence.

His life and death did both express,
What strength of grace was given.
His life a lamp of holiness,
His death a dawn of heaven.

The Latin tag used in the epitaph means; "Live mindful of death; time flies", and was written by the first century AD Roman poet Persius. The quote is incomplete and should go on, hoc quod loquor inde est - 'this very word I speak is so much taken from it'.

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