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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Meikleour House Scotland

Meikleour House, Perthshire, Scotland.


Alex Cameron said...

Can anybody please confirm that this house was used as a hospital during and just after the war?

Anonymous said...

Yes I can as I was born there 14/01/1945.


ian.lever said...

Me too ! Born 22/10/1944. Mother's maiden name Margaret Christie of Rosemount.
Ian A Lever (Gtr Manchester)

Anonymous said...

My parents were Australians living in England. My mother had a Scottish mother and they moved to Scotland after our house was bombed in Kent. I spent the first 6 weeks of my life in Scotland before we moved back to England and then to Australia in 1949.

Margaret (Brisbane Australia)

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone. This is so helpuful. My birth certificate states that I was born there on the 18th of November, 1947.

The background to the request was becuase I visited Meikleour on the 15th Dec, with a view of showing my children where I was born. However because of the rushed visit I was unable to find the house hence my question - and almost doubted the a place existed !

Now here is the co-incidence, my parents (father was a shepherd from Inverness) moved to Australia during 1954 and I met and fell in love with (my) Margaret from Brisbane!

I suppose another question from the group, does anyone have more history about the house?

Thanks very much.

Alex Cameron

Anonymous said...

I too was born at Meikleour Hospital and would be interested in any information on the history of the house and whether it still exits.

Jackie said...

My father was born at Meikleour House Hospital, Caputh, Perth. Is this the same hospital? He was born on 25/06/47 and named Robert Tait, but later adopted out when he was 2 years old. He was then brought to Australia by my grandmother and raised in Tasmania. I would be interested in any information about hospital etc as it would be nice to see if he has any family left in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

My mum was born at meiklour in 1945, it was indeed used as a hospital during and just after the war and many unmarried mothers were sent there to give birth too, I believe it was used as a training base for midwives also and that it was connected with some kind of gardeners association, my great grandfather was head gardiner at meginch castle, errol so that figures. Does anyone else have the time of birth on the birth certificate? Julia

Anonymous said...

I was born there September 25, 1944 and was shown by the Lord in 1985 what section was used as hospital ward.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just stumbled on this thread. My wife was born at Meikleour House in May 1947. Regarding Alex's question regarding the house's history, I found this link:

I would be interested in learning more.